no air

just now, i was feeling the spotlight—-
my hair was messy from my siesta
i looked at the mirror and i hear this soft melody in my head

“yeah.yeah. oOoooohhhhh…..
i got it all but i feel so deprived
i go up, i come down and i’m emptier inside
tell me what is this thing
that i feel like i’m missing
and why can’t i let it g—–“

and then the thunder engulfed the silence.

God really pefected the timing.
just as i was going to the climax of my singing
the thunder rolled in the silence.

was that a sign???
—that i should improve my singing?
or should i just simply stop trying?

well, the next thing i did was look up the sky from the window and said:
“sige, pag-thunderthunder lang diha—pag-ulan lang ha? kay init kaayo run.
that’s the only way i’ll forgive you for shattering my singing dreams.”


by the way, this is a true story. :p

hours later

there’s no rain!!
so what did those thunderclaps mean?
was my singing that bad?


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