pinoy big brother reaction: Nicole and Josef

 take note that this is my first time, i think, mentioning PBB or any Big Brother Show franchise in my blog.

i could’ve been one of them (i feel the spotlight shining on me now) but i chose not to ((haha. hanep! ang hangin ko.)) i was in the PBB auditions but not to join them but just to accompany a friend. But that was not completely of my will, i actually tried to escape from the dorm as soon as i heard that she was looking for a person to accompany her to the journey of being a star!! well, you can’t deny that if you just get into the “house”, you’re already a star!!
my point is: the people in the house could’ve been the person standing in front of us, behind us ((those annoying geezers))—or the girl who pointed at my behind and whispered, “nalapsan ka, miss.” yes, that girl did tell me that and i am forever thankful for her kindness—-but she should know, that that stain was actually VERY dried blood. probably from the previous day ((you can’t believe how many times and how often i wear the same jeans in a week—it could be a consecutive 3 days and i wouldn’t care—as long as it doesn’t stink and it looks kinda clean)). i just forgot that i haven’t given it to my laundry woman ((500Php a month; no matter how many the laundry is—-of course, i do the unmentionables myself—-though, okay ra nila if they do that)).

okay, so we drifted out of the subject—–that’s a normal thing for me to do. haha, so you should get use to it.

so, it’s about nicole and josef and their very public loveey dovey relationship. yuck! what the h—!!
so, the shy girl is hanging out with the seemingly gay-guy.

the navarro children reaction as they watch the series:
atsi (mai2x or cielo): igat kaayo siya!
chai (me!): if i know, di lang jd siya SHY—maldita lang jd siya.
ton (he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother): AHHHH!!! karon pa ko nakakita ani! ang bayot naibog og bayi!!!

i don’t really watch PBB, but when my sister takes hold of that remote—nothing’s going to stop her.
but when i saw the first episode wherein they introduced the players…i notice and will always remember the girl from Cebu—Nicole.
she was introduced as the shy family girl.
well, guess what? i don’t believe it one bit.
is this a publicity stunt? i wouldn’t know.
i’ve never seen a shy girl that’s kikay at the same time. it just doesn’t match.
i do, however, believe she lacks friends.
and i’ll tell you why…she’s maldita…snobbish….i would know because that’s me.
quiet, doesn’t talk to people much—-that is so maldita.

and now, we can see her deflowering her true nature. he sees this gayish guy, Josef, and fished him out of the Singles ocean.
talking about, “like woah” ((my favorite aly & aj song–after potential breakup))

konting comment:
well, as you all know—i study in Silliman University, Dumaguete City. and Beauty is from there.
and i would so like to say—-that i don’t know why she can’t properly communicate in English. SU is like La Salle–the foundation of Education is basic communication—and being an American University—you guess it—tadadadah! english is the main concern there.


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