i wanted to but i think the plan is cancelled

the date
well, maybe “the date”
i was really looking forward it—but my paranoia got the better of me. even though he didn’t say he canceled it…i guess it means it’s off.
i don’t care if it was an Ironman movie. i would have wanted to see him again.
but me and my big mouth caused an uproar and he didn’t reply anymore.
i’m hurt again
but maybe he’s hurt too.
i couldn’t stop myself from saying those things…i was afraid of hurt.

i would have spent all my money just to let him watch that movie—seeing him for a second might have made me feel happy.

i’m stupid.
i hate myself.

that maybe is a sad side reflection of our “relationship” but there’s a funny side to it.

*funny side*——————————————————————————————————————————
hm…there goes my free meal in tudela…
john ray’s not coming home
john mark’s being denied ((i’m gonna cream that guy when i see him—after what he did to jonica.hmf))
dawn’s——i don’t know where she lives.
well, laurence—does not want me there anyways.

tsk…i really like meatballs.

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