another view of foot fetish

you’ve always known that i’m weird, right?
but i’m going to get “more weirder” ((notice how wrong grammar emphasizes a point)).

foot—-either tripped ((nails breaking)),stepped on, stomped, diseased, injured, swollen
these images of tormented feet always flashes in my mind especially when i’m going to sleep.

and i don’t know why.
it’s not because i like thinking of injured feet…
i think it’s like a ghost.

when it’s dark, it haunts me most.

i always ask myself…why do i always imagine these images…scary and eeky.
i always open my eyes and shudder in shock after having a moment thinking of those images—-

is there an upcoming accident involving my foot??
am i going to die in the future because of a foot disease?

find out soon.


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