fiction surpasses reality nowadays

for the past few weeks of summer vacation, i’ve been reading mangas ((anime origins usually, comic books for animes)), seen TV dramas ((hana kimi taiwan in and blogging different things even if my days were the same as always.
reading mangas are the ones that make me happy most…
they give stories that i want to live in.
an ending i want to dwell in.
characters that i want to be with..

but in the end, it’s not real.
some are based on real stories but it is still not really—-REAL.

i’d rather live in fiction because life is more predictable that way…


bonnie tyler asks in a song entitled I Need A Hero:
“where did all the good men go?”

my answer:
they’re in paperbacks living the surreal life.


i want a guy like that.
he doesn’t have to be perfect—–not any characters in the book are perfect nowadays..
I even feel in love with Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice…and he wasn’t perfect. actually, he was a sad soul waiting to be analyzed.
maybe, i like guys i can analyze—i think too much, yes it’s true—but is there such a thing as thinking too much really?

fiction surpasses reality nowadays—-because the unreal life seemed to be way more happier and more capable of a happy ending than real life.


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