oh where did you come from?


just this morning, i was lazy getting up from my bed. it was warm—it’s summer anyways so that’s normal.
i flicked my hands over my leg and it caught something—-buggish, and hairish.
when i looked at it, i jolted and ran for my life…
it wasn’t hair!!!!
there were two antennas—-cockroach!!

where did you come from????

did you bite me?
i think it was safe for it to walk around my body as long as it does not bite—-
and it did not go through my “private” parts.

—the next texts is completely unrelated to the first part——–
highschool is far away now…
but i always felt that it was a big part of my personality development.

what if i didn’t went through the way it happened?
will i still be the same stubborn boy-hater girl, innocent—-see people as all good and bad guys as fiction or only seen in the movies?

were all the things that happened to me “fate” or meant to be?
or i could have shifted a bit of my direction to change a whole lot of things—–better things?

but i can’t deny this one fact:
“the me before made the person who i am now”

it makes sense,,,,
doesn’t it?


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