5th blog entry for the day—what a record. hmpf

these voices are filling my head!
argh. it’s annoying.

“It’s tough when that
SOMEBODY in your life
starts to leave you hanging…

It’s even tougher to
pretend that you don’t even mind.”

when at lost for words, the right thing to do is to consult your cellphone and wait for the right forwarded message to come through you.
these words were the pieces that fit the incomplete puzzle of my mind.
it’s still incomplete though.

maybe that’s where i’m at.
i’m nowhere at all.
just hanging around.

i’m hanging around—
coz i don’t know where i’m going.
i’m like a coat—-in a coat hanger.
funny, huh?

do i mind?
more than i think i mind…

when will this rollercoaster die down?
where’s my final destination? ((freaky))

“minutes are longer when we are apart…
do you remember?”

why do i write such private feelings in my blog?
because—-i hoped that——-
the message would be read by the right person.
and would always be remembered by me.

i’m planning to walk around the city alone muna. to gather up my thoughts….i think the house ((even though it’s a happy home…)) is getting gloomier for me.

is this a coincidence?? or a sign?
this is the libra ((that’s me)) horoscope for the day!:
Your creativity is hot, but it could use inspiration to get going. Find it outside.
((i’m definitely going out tomorrow))


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