criteria for future husband ((everyone’s gonna read this))

if you were an avid reader of my blog since the start of it, you would remember that i already made  blog entry about the criteria….so actually, i’m just making a revision to that criteria…((what’s the plural form of criteria?? or is that already the plural form?? why does it seem so singular then?))

but first, you should know that the first version of the criteria is below this one ((from December 01, 2005 blog entry)).
maybe you’d like to read this first before proceeding to anywhere else.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

hay. . . i feel so empty karon. hmph. i feel so ignored. don’t they know that i have a condition?!

well, anyway. . .
today, il talk about my dream wedding since some people reminded me of
it. First ingredient is the motiff: yellow. you would have expected
blue or purple, right? But I want yellow for hope. O.o I already have a
design for a gown in mind. .  ooh. . . il look like a simple but
elegant princess. Next ingedient: reception —- the main food: CHICKEN
CORDON BLEU. ooh. . . and baked beef too! yum! Diorama contest
experience. . . yum!

uh. . . i dunno wat’s
next. ooh. . . i forgot my husband. i remember that quiz in pehm
wherien u put your criteria for the right guy. i have some answers
kinda like:

  • ROMAN CATHOLIC (coz that’s my religion and. . . that I want him to believe in God)
  • he should put aside his pride for me so that I’ll win over our arguments.
  • he should tell me that he loves me everyday even if we are in a fight.
  • he should tell me that I’m getting more beautiful each day even if I’m not.
  • he should try to understand me even if he can’t.; he should respect me and my ideas.
  • he should open up his ideas and true fellings about me even if I won’t listen.
  • he should be patient, good. . . and a good daddy to me and our future kids. (he should be good with children.
  • he should know when to sacrifice his own wants for our needs.
  • he should be handsome (:)
  • he should make me laugh and happy. . .
  • he should be good to
    my parents and. . . he should make them a good example. (( in other
    words, he should be approved first by them. . . duh))
  • he should love me and only me and also God
  • he should be financially stable. . . and has a good credit record.
  • there’s more actually! I should have made a 101 list or something more than that!!


so, let me first remind you that all of these qualities still apply to my future husband’s must-have qualities especially the handsome part and the good CREDIT record ((gotta have a credit card to buy me a laptop!))
but, it if you also notice, the first part of the blog is about——-my wedding!! *blushes* ((…no, really—i’m not blushing…))

wedding details: ((if you don’t want to read this, proceed to criteria))
well, i don’t care much of the motif anymore but maybe—yellow will still be convenient for me.
i have a new plan for my wedding dress!! it’s gonna be sleek—-it will be a tube dress that’s not really bubbly ((like a princess’s dress)) but it will have a long trail at the back.
but i will have a blazer—-so i would really look conservative ((the blazer will be tied by a ribbon)) but actually when i open it up, i’m not that conservative diay!! ((hohohohohoho….))
i like chapel weddings…you know, i can easily cover the chapel with decorations, filling the chapel with white cloth and lots of flowers…..but judging from the closeness of my relatives, i think i’m gonna need a bigger place—–i don’t want an outdoor wedding because it may rain….and i actually like the rain but i guess other people don’t want that, don’t they?

finally, the criteria!!
hay…it’s harder to make a criteria when you’re heart is broken, yah? ((trying that german accent that heidi klum does in project runway))
when i made that previous criteria, i had a guy in mind…and after almost 3 years, ((hohohohoho)) wala lang. haha.

  • i want a guy—who is needy. haha. i think i’ve always wanted to be the independent one in a couple so i want someone who’s depending on me,,,,,((so what if i die, will he come after me?? hehe…))
  • i want a guy—who tells me what he exactly wants. someone i could easily calculate what he’s thinking or meaning to say…..i want an easy guy—haha.
  • i want a guy—i could compete with. whether it’s eating contest, push up contest ((probably i’ll lose here)), political debate——-it seems i want to keep my life exciting so fights or arguments are a necessity. i wouldn’t want to be bored. ((additional: a guy that i could actually defeat!!—don’t want a superman, y’know))
  • i want a guy—who’s not only have a good credit record….but a very well-maintained bank account… i need money to go around Europe!!
  • i want a guy—who thinks of his happiness as he thinks of mine too. ((equalist bya ko—even though i’m kinda feministic))
  • i want a guy—who makes surprises to make me happy.
  • i want a guy—who always have time for me and the future kids. kawaii….chai-chai junior…she’s gonna make her own blog too.
  • i want a guy—who’s really not that smart. i mean, i don’t want to be defeated. hmf.
  • i want a guy—who’ll go to my clan’s christmas reunions—–my grandfather’s death anniversaries—–my relatives’ birthdays—–tanang navarro activities!!!
  • i want a guy—who will listen to me; at least pretend to. okay—he must LISTEN to me. he has no choice…i’ll have to tie him up to a seat if i have to.
  • i want a guy—who treats me as an independent person—–he does not have to offer me an empty seat in a full bus. i can stand, y’know. just give me a plastic bag for my vomit.
  • the same as the previous criteria—–there are many criteria…it’s not gonna end here. but my fingers are hurting. haha.

it took me a long time to look for the old blog entry—-hehe….i was browsing for almost an hour.


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