dump the husbands; children first!

since i was young, i was deeply inspired and influence by the majestic life of a black widow spider.
if you do not know, they are the ones who kill their husbands after they breed.

hahahahaha ((evil laugh)).

if you think i’m psychotic, don’t worry—-check my records and you will see that i’m almost normal psychologically speaking.

really, if you want to know me —-you should get to know my dark side.for in the darkness will you only see the light.

i was planning to rape a guy for his children…i have to make sure he’s handsome, y’know.
but i dismissed that idea, it might be traumatic for the children and that sounds too violent for me.

maybe, i should just make a guy fall in love with me—have his children…then slash him to death with no evidence.
that’s much cleaner and safer.

oh. byebye.
ready to commence operation BLACK WIDOW.
for those who are reading this blog now, you have been warned.

himala noh? dugay na kaayo ko kablog. 🙂


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