the title was supposed to be forgotten child. but if my parents would see this—-they would cream me until you will think i’m butter made from pure cow’s milk.

have you ever been left out?
your little brother gets a Dunkin Donut—Choco Frosted (not to mention 3 pieces)..
your big (but little in height) sister gets a Ham and Cheese Bunwich…
you get nothing but a pat on the head
((maybe, it was my fault that i didn’t have a favorite in Dunkin Donuts)).

here’s the MIDDLE CHILD STORY again:
Imagine a family produced in a factory.
But first, in every factory, there is always a test run.

You build the first one. You give it everything to the child to see how she reacts to it.

Then, comes the second one. You decide to not give everything since you’ve seen the BAD effects of being given everything.

Finally, the third one. You think, “hey, this is the last kid. why don’t we give it everything we’ve got!”

Hay—but it does have its good points.
I did not learn to be spoiled.
I get along equally with them ((my brother and sister never get along—they never want to, I guess)).

So, why did I write about being forgotten?
One experience pushed me to the wall: my mom forgot to take me to Ria to help her grocery shop!! ((and i wanted to insert some items in the list: fresh milk/full cream milk, ketchup and tawas—the good news was: she bought the ketchup!

i’m chai-chai and you were reading one of my blog entries again. just remember to keep my profile low and secrets in your heart. all you can do is learn from it ((just avoid criticisms)).

chai gurl

P.S. look at my purple blog entry!!!


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