isn’t it funny?

after writing a blog entry of not being able to collect my thoughts, i recovered!
call this a miracle?
or the sudden face of reality…
i like the second choice by the way.

I quit being weak and I’m going back to my old self again.
Except that I eat more ((but I never get fat—-sadly)).

I’m gonna help my sister make that ice cream cake and eat most of it like lightning!!

Oh. about the tudela fiesta.
On May 14, we went to my lolo’s brother’s house.
And of course, there were meatballs and turkey!! ((first time i ate turkey)).
I also ate ube cake, my favorite.

it’s good to be a filipino…you can eat all you can.

On May 15 ((the formal date of the fiesta)), we ate in Bacolod instead of in Tudela!!
We just thought it was much convenient to go there.
Think about it:
Who would thought that a person from Tudela would celebrate the festivities in Ozamiz, right?
So, we expect fewer people ((which means, more share of food for us)) and no traffic.

hay—the lechon was delicious with the pinakurat. hehe.

by the way, my mom accidentally drank a punch mixed with tanduay…
No wonder she waved byebye at us.
Was she going home without us???
Or was she just a bit dizzy from the drink.
Anyways, she couldn’t finish the punch…so I finished it for her.
BURP!! I’m one drunk girl…kidding. I handled it pretty well.


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