Destiny to be an old maid—-better word: hag!

Premeditated future:
Imagine an old lady living in a house full of cats!

Nope, that’s not going to be me.
I think I’ll go for dogs…or probably guinea pigs.
Why dogs?
I mean…think about it. I’m still 18 years old but I’m wearing glasses with the prescription of -150 (nearsighted). But my real prescription may be more than that. I’m just thinking about the future, man.
As I age, it’s would really be a freaking miracle if my grades would not make me blind.
I’m gonna train them to be my watchdogs. After all, they said “Dogs are man’s bestfriend” but they didn’t tell us that they can be a woman’s bestfriend and probably more than that.
Sudden realization: Should I just marry a dog to be sure? And we’ll have puppies!
Eccckkkk…I wonder how we’ll ever produce those babies.

Why guinea pigs?
They’re so cute. Hehe. I’m thinking of letting Sheela buy me one…my sister says it sells cheap in bigger cities.

The house.
I have the plan to build a Victorian style house, 2 floors…a bit narrow and pointed roof. I’m gonna complement my “hag-ness” with my house.
But I’m still open to the option of building a modern style house. Those houses shown in Discovery channel that are supposed to be eco-friendly….produces own electricity (mostly by solar energy)….

The hobby.
I think I’m a fairly creative person…so I could spend time drawing (if my eyesight’s good enough), making crafts, or the good old fashion knitting ((i should start training on that; i still have no idea how to do that)).

Hm—I think I have to think more of this thoroughly to ensure my future! I should have enough pension to cover my hobby expenses…

Now why did I put up this blog entry?
I was thinking my future as a gushing bride is slowly becoming to nothing…so I’m planning ahead.

the post below is not connected to the above entry:
I read in the Reader’s Digest that you should write down things you are grateful for everyday. I think I should put that into habit in my blog entries since some of them are quite gloomy.

Why should I be thankful for my day–today?

  • i had tempura with my dad today. I really thought that being in Ozamiz is going to make it hard for me to find a tempura stand. Hhuhuhuh. Good thing! We found one near the Medina Hospital when we stop there for mom’s delivery.
  • i confirmed that the enrollment schedule for our school is going to be June 2. Yep! That’s superextending my summer vacation.
  • there was rain this afternoon. I love the rain.
  • i wore my special dress today! I love it.
  • i fought with a streetchild. They bug me so when I fought them, I feel like I’m fulfilling my right and teaching them a lesson on respect.


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