my only wish

it’s not christmas…but i think i’ve always been wishing the same wish for the past few years..and i still wish for the same thing.
although superstitions say that if you say it to someone else, it’s not going to come true—-i don’t believe in those kind of superstitions.

my only wish:
((well, other than getting a million dollars before turning 20, having a happy death and all the other simple things…))
i wish that i could understand him…wish i knew what he was thinking or what he feels for me. i don’t care if that will make me happy or sad…but at least knowing the answer would help me know where I’ll be going.

now—why did i mention him again?
hm—who’s he?
argh! i can’t believe i’ve been writing about him but you still don’t know who i was talking about. ain’t it obvious?
whisper: his name starts with the letter L or his nickname would be E but i’m sure the first spelling he gave me for his nickname started with I….

why did i mention him again?
well—since i’m going for the flushing of memories and moving on to another road….might as well tell everything to throw away the burden from my chest.

you know, i sometimes wished that i asked him about his ulcer problems….i remembered the time he texted me December 30-ish. MASSIVE ULCER, he said. I asked him if he was ok but he didn’t reply after that.
so i worried myself to death at that time…i think i texted him a few times but he never replied.
i was almost sure that he might have passed on to the other world ((as we may know it))
i was only relief on january 13 or probably 15 as i was surfing the internet back in Dumaguete…
i saw that he updated his multiply website so that meant he had a lot of strength and i didn’t have to worry about him.
but then!!! he made me worry without saying a word.
ARGH. because of that, i realized that i must get myself over him or i’m gonna worry myself to death!!!

  • he does not have proper food.
  • does not hang out much with other people.

hay—-i should worry about myself from now on…..

actually, i was planning on making a blog on the things i love about him and HATE about him….
hehe…..that will be coming soon. heeh.

sign out!!

What should I be grateful for the day—-today?

  • i have happy parents—-who are not always normal but they’re kinda lovable
  • my sister is quiet today—-because she has her period and she has runny nose. thank you, GOD!!!
  • haha..i rule the internet!!!! that’s because my brother was walking around town.


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