as existent as…

the IRONMAN movie is still showing in the theaters.
That proves how good the movie is but I still am not wasting money just to watch a show that i can eventually watch on TV after one year or so.

the Chronicles of HIM, i hope, would end soon
for his love was as existent as the kingcone dessert in McDonald’s.

don’t correct me.
i checked in the McDo a little while ago.
No more KingCones ((if you do not know, this dessert happens to have a part in our past relationship)).

Though, i still like the kingcone.
I like the cone!!!

sometimes, you have to run away…

not to create a distance…

but to see who cares
enough to run behind
and pull you back…

what are the things that i should be grateful for today?

  • i ate mcflurry in McDo.
  • i spent time with my sister.
  • nica is in ozamiz.
  • sheela is coming home to ozamiz ((she went to camiguin))


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