much more than just ill

i have arrived to the conclusion that my condition right now is more than a runny nose….
or probably being feverish…
and that was because of what happened this morning.

8:30 AM
I was in the Church with my brother ((just my brother—my sister overslept; parents were singing in the choir)). I was observing the people coming in and out of the Cathedral. But I was shocked on someone I thought I saw.
A guy wearing a pink polo was carrying an umbrella, shielding a mother and her baby from the rays of the sun.
The shocking thing was the guy.
I thought it was him…
questions raced in my mind:
why is he here?
who’s that lady?
uhm…why is he here?

but then i realized a few things:

  • first of all, he does not EVER go to Church unless forced because of academic reasons ((being in a Catholic school pissed him off most of the times because of masses and the forced community service))
  • he actually looks clean. oh please don’t mistake me…the real HIM is clean ((much more clean than me; more informed on being sanitary—please don’t blame me for being not-so-clean, blame my parents)). but i mean, he has a clean haircut ((like in highschool)). and who would think that a college student guy like him would take the time to have his hair prepped up according to high school rules when it’s still summer!! besides, he’s fond of emo cuts now….although for me those looks are hideous. they only fit some people. can’t blame him though for self-expression.
  • and who’s that lady? if that was him, i’d have no idea who’s that lady.
  • my brother didn’t react when he saw the guy. i’m farsighted so my brother’s my watchdog.

but hey, anyways—maybe the height does not match the original person but the stature, physique ((i usually rely on that since that’s the only thing i can see clearly even when i’m faraway)), hair ((when he was in high school)) and facial features ((the forehead and the nose and probably a bit like his jaw)) were so similar.

what good thing came out from this:

  • i was up and smiling all throughout the one hour mass because of that guy who looks so much like him…probably the girl beside me thought i was weird but that’s ok….i don’t know her anyways.

it was funny….lol.
i thought i only had a runny nose but since i’m hallucinating, it might be more than that.
i wonder what my real expression would be if i saw him again. i guess my first initial reaction would be to ignore him…or snob him.
it that’s what it takes, that i’ll do.


What should i be grateful today?

  • i almost learned how to be less expectant. when there’s a text message: instead of guessing that it may be him or others, i would say—don’t guess just open the message.
  • i had a blast during the mass this morning because of the mistaken identity incident.
  • i forgot to have lunch ((uhm..what’s so happy about that?)) but i ate a delicious tuna sandwich.
  • i had a conference with john bher, alma—-sa yahoo!!
  • i finally ate my share of my sister’s ice cream cake.

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