the chicken coop

it started with one chicken we were going to roast for one occasion.
then we failed to cook that chicken while it freely roamed out a bit.
but then, she met up with a cool-looking rooster with THE hairdo.
and i guess they felt no shame so they slept together
((i’m not sure how chickens do that, by the way—they never showed that in discovery channel))
and she came home with us pregnant ((what a disgraceful chicken)).
then she hid her eggs.
they hatched.
and about 8 of them were alive and clucking.
so after that a little incest happens….
and another batch of chickens hatched.
then another….then another…..
my dad’s been happy looking like a farmer.
he’s throwing rice ((by the way, mahal na ang bugas)) for them.
oh, but the main mother, i think is dead….
we already ate her.
but there are still more chickens to fry. wah!!!

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