being with nica, sheela and kristel

it has been two straight days that we have been together!
On the first day,
we spent the whole afternoon at sheela’s. ((we waited for two hours so that she’ll change her clothes na))
after that, we planned on going to jollibee but before that, we went to kristel’s house because we couldn’t contact her.
so, we saw her there.
and canceled our plans in going to Jollibee.
Instead, nica and i were taught how to play mahjong!!
Woh! I won once ((that was lucky)).
when i told my parents about me playing mahjong, they looked like they were going to crucify me or something…telling me that games like that are addicting.
jeez…they should have seen me playing pc games ((those are what we call addicting)).

On the second day, we met up in sheela’s house.
After an hour of catching up, we walked around Gaisano and saw Charlene, hs schoolmate—the dancer, and Jane Carl.
We, then went to Rose Pharmacy to buy some junkfoods and a carton of milk ((please don’t ask me what kind of combination is that)).
But then, we decided to pursue our yesterday plans of jollibee.
So, we ate cheesy fries, 1 choco sundae, 1 ice tea, 1 burger for sheela, 3 regular fries—–waw! that’s a lot of sharing…
we got tired of walking around so we decided to eat our junkfood there too. haha.
we couldn’t help but notice that one of the jollibee employees were eying our “food from the outside”.
probably today, the would post a sign saying,
“Don’t bring food from outside.”

We then played cards in Sheela’s house.
1,2,3, 4 pass!
They teach me a lot of things!!!

What if mutan-aw mi movie run noh? Kristel suggested IRONMAN ((again?!)) but available pa siya sa sinehan?

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