going on through the day

“Lord, teach me to be strong in this road I travel on. When I’m lost and lonely, find me.”

I can’t tell you that I’m quite happy of this day.
But I can tell you that it wasn’t sad at all.

It’s pretty empty.
But it was kinda fun.
((avoiding to start up the HIM chronicles is quite difficult, i started to post those kinds of thoughts in private))

Well, Nica is having problems with staying in IIT. Frankly, it was because of her sister.
She couldn’t be trusted to take care of the house so her mom decided to keep Nica in Ozamiz until they find a new helper.
Isn’t that kinda unfair?

Oh, in Nica’s house, we actually chatted with a very unlikely person: John Mark.
I swear, if I see him, he’s going to wish he wasn’t born.
Argh! I’m gonna cream him.
I know what it is like to be hurt and I will make him know that.

Argh. Why do these people want to come back to one’s life when all they do is destroy it?!
I’m so cramped up inside with these feelings.
This is so going to lead me to eternal silence if I don’t stop myself from bleeding.

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