my song

what am i now?
“sewn together but so broken up inside”

what did i go through (or at least what did i think i went through)?
“swallowed me and spitting me out
by hating you i blamed myself
seeing you it kills me now
no, i don’t cry on the outside anymore.”

reading a lot of mangas ((ranging from absolute boyfriend, cherry love, and the list goes on as we speak)) made me jealous.
but it did make me realize something.

people say that fairy tales are too beautiful to come true
but in the matter of fact, real stories are more beautiful than what the human mind could make up.
fairy tales are a pigment or a small part of a real love story
while a real love story is a pool of fairy tales.

i want one too.
because i’m tired of pretending to be in one.

what’s real?

  • face it girl, he doesn’t love you anymore. frankly he doesn’t care. he probably just pities you and that’s the reason of him texting you sometimes. in theory, boys never dump the girls because they’re afraid to make them cry.
  • i need a little attitude make over but i should also remember that it’s important for a guy to love me for what i am. no matter how arrogant i may be.
  • i am a bitch ((not the slutty bitch—the strong, straightforward bitch))..and that’s a good thing. my teacher said so ((and now, she’s kicked out of our school—because of a trial against sexual harassment….but i don’t care. her words are my guide))
  • i’m a trash and i need to be recycled. i may be broken but i can still be reused. Cheers towards a green environment!

what’s not?

  • he still loves you ((so not true. repetition is the key))
  • i’m going to have my revenge. ((that’s bad.))
  • he’s gay ((hehe. people always say that he might be that…but of course, he’s not. maybe, i’m more homo than he is))

haha! i gotta find my soulmate—-and my sister’s too. i want to have a niece soon.


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