pictures with less than a thousand words

to our secret identity!

sheela, the skeleton girl

kristel as the bad spidergirl (the black thingy is almost covering her red “jumpsuit”)

kapow!!! the pink dragonfly—is me!

and a sneak preview of indiana jones!!—meet an indian.

together we go into our human forms—-to scout the city!
and we found our villains!!!! in gaisano.

the one-armed monkey charmed kristel out of her senses—-she was going to marry “it”!! but chai-chai would not fall in love with the monkey so she used her “scary eyes” technique and cut off the other monkey’s arm. Whatah!!!

the sneaky snail who has been after us for 10 years—-finally “it” caught us. but all we did was carry it in our arms and shouted “CUTE!”=======then he turned into water. and until now, it doesn’t make sense to me.

after our tiring fight of the two monsters, kristel decided to pull off this belle’s dress….i wonder if the beast will come and get her soon.

sheela decided to join in by wearing her snow white outfit.
and kristel—–was a…..i dunno.

little did we know that kristel was still heartbroken because of the one-armed monkey who charmed her. but she recovered by finding this donkey—–hm. i guess a donkey is better than a monkey—-though, they rhymed!!!

every hero needs to replenish their strength—so a trip to jollibee was commenced.

by the way, have you ever wondered how nica would look if her eyes were bigger?
here’s the answer!!!


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