one name that stirs my memory


i’m not really sure what “cafe” means ((sure, i know it relates to food in some way—-but that’s all i know)) but i’m pretty sure CAFE RAMON is not really a cafe.
i always imagine a cafe to be a bit hm…what do you call this?
with sandwiches that you can’t almost distinguish from each other but they’re actually totally different.
maybe they have open faced sandwiches too!! ((like maybe, tuna melt and that thing my sister made with the tomatoes, olive oil and basil—-and cheese!))
or they might serve different types of coffee ((doesn’t the word CAFE come from coffee? doesn’t it sound similar?))

but in my memory, they served:
softdrinks ((pepsi, 7up and my favorite—mirinda [kinda like royal but more mellow]))
binignit ((dinuldog in dumaguete))

and probably some things i did not dare to ask what they called because they don’t look enticing to me.

that name was mentioned once in our conversation ((with nica, sheela and kristel)).
it was a place we hung out in elementary until high school.

memory 1
after classes, we usually stop by there ((buying nothing)) and chatting up ((even with the owner too—although, it seemed she mind that we never buy nothing there but we fill up the place)).
we leave our bags there when we go somewhere ((it’s the safest place to leave things))
we spy on the dog that stays there—-somewhere….

memory 2
when we were in our graduating year in elementary, we always thought that we couldn’t stand by there anymore. the high school campus was in a different place.
BUT! we realized that it’s just a walking distance…so we still go there…until….

memory 3
they won’t let us stay there until we buy something. it’s a new policy…i can’t believe that owner has been trying to get rid of us for all this time ((haha. just my own imagination)).
by this time, the times we spent in Cafe Ramon was slowly becoming to nothing.

it has more memories to give, actually, and i’ll tell them when i’m ready to look back into the past more than i can bring myself to.


2 thoughts on “one name that stirs my memory

  1. awwww..memories fyi, the ramon in cafe ramon is my lolo’s brother.and his wife is a little mean sometimes..hehe

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