when you muster strength for nothing

so, i did YM him but there was no reply. two theories:
(a) i noticed that his status msg wasn’t changing so he may be away from keyboard.
(b) he ignored me and pretended not to be there.

i checked my YM now and he did not even leave a msg. now i feel so unimportant.
i don’t know if i’ll do it all over again.
i mustered my strength for nothing. wah!!

when you muster your strength for nothing, time for a party with lots of food.
by the way, sabit lang kami pero nakaadto mi sa debut ni virna.
but it was a bit funny at first.
when we walked into Loreto’s at 6PM, i really thought we were in the wrong place.
There were about 15 faces near the entrance and I don’t sense a slight of recognition.
Good thing! After we walked inside a little more ((in the room)), we saw the girls, the belles ((sorry i can’t say the complete name…it’s too long and french so I tend to forget the spelling)).
HS friends that were there:

  • virna – the debutant, of course, wearing contacts and eager to tell us about the exchange program she was going to. ((U.S.!))
  • rk
  • sarah and godfrey ((so godfrey wasn’t exactly high school—–but elementary. and i paired them up because it seemed that they never were apart the whole time))
  • christine
  • nadine
  • nora
  • helen
  • zaharah ((she told me she saw HIM—yes, him!—in Cathedral one time and he actually ignored her. Wait, him? church? that doesn’t mix))
  • jane carl with bebe ((her cousin))
  • julie
  • mai-mai
  • elizamer
  • chris june ((more known as OPAW))
  • fitz ((i can’t believe i almost forgot him!! and we were talking so loudly the whole time

i really expected vizalyn to come but she didn’t! she’s in cotabato…
by the way almost all the girls wore make-up but we didn’t! we don’t want to shed our natural beauty ((palusot!!))
i’ll post pictures when i’m ready.


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