elementary scandal

it’s not as bad as it sounds!

i just remembered an issue(s) raised during my innocent years.

first issue would be:
the canteen issue

when i saw godfrey in Loreto’s, i don’t know why, but I remembered COKE ((he probably drank a lot; or we saw each other a lot in the canteen)).
and as you all know, cokes are placed in plastic cups.
the issue was that the ice used in the drinks tasted like fish blood…
and that the plastic cups were used ones ((cleaned by hand; probably taken from the trash can))
of course, the canteen said NO COMMENT to this issue.
i noticed that the label in the plastic cups were a bit “kupas”
as if the paint’s coming off.
and the coke does taste like fish blood.

issue no. 2
we were so young and we don’t even know yet how babies were made ((i dunno about them, but i only discovered the truth when i was in second year high school)).

little chai-chai’s baby theory
rule no. 1
they make babies when man and woman kiss on their lips
as you can see movie stars kiss a lot in love scenes, my theory also says that they used thin clear plastic sheets on their lips to block the baby liquid from coming in ((kinda like a condom—but in your mouth….and the baby liquid—the saliva—resembled semen. eww…imagine semen coming out of your mouth)).

so the general issue is that:
there’s a girl, on the 6th grade–kabatch namo, won’t tell her name—that was pregnant daw and had “aborted” ((learned that word at that time too; i probably didn’t listen during christian living sessions at that age)) her fetus in the CR.
woah. what an issue.

haha. wala lang.
i don’t know if the issue 2 was true, though.

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