in the hallway…

did you know that—-at night,,,,,,, our hallway turns into—-a runway?
when no one’s looking and music is blaring on the TV or just in my brain, i do my walk!

while i was doing my walk, i was flabbergasted by what i saw.
no it was not a gecko
most definitely not a cockroach ((i never get surprised when i see them, they’re expected))
i saw my 8-year old picture ((the age of the picture)) of Sakura and Syaoran near a pile of trash ((on the hallway, well—that’s my messy runway)).
ARGH!!! this is valuable.
memories flow!!!
i remembered that sheela and I got that picture in C-Lan printed.
huhu…it costs about 50Php!!!
((i think it’s much more valuable now…tee-hee. joke.))


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