special episode: lil chai’s theories

i admit, i was and am, strange.
but i was much MORE weird when i was younger.

little chai-chai’s baby theory
rule no. 1
they make babies when man and woman kiss on their lips
you can see movie stars kiss a lot in love scenes, my theory also says
that they used thin clear plastic sheets on their lips to block the
baby liquid from coming in ((kinda like a condom—but in your
mouth….and the baby liquid—the saliva—resembled semen.
eww…imagine semen coming out of your mouth)).

the reason i retyped ((check previous blog)) this because i actually have an example.
there was this guy in second or third grade.
it was lunchtime and i always eat lunch at school.
he, me and another girl were in the second floor.
i remembered looking at them while they played ball passing using a soccer ball ((when i was young, i enjoyed observing people playing rather than playing with them)).
and one time, the ball went to my direction!
then this guy ((i remember now, his name was Roderick)) launched towards me, instead of the ball.
things happened so fast that i was confused on whether he kissed me or not.
i only remembered he “attempted” to do so. he was puckering his lips like this: .
then after that incident, i spent weeks figuring out if i was pregnant or not.”
girls were starting to menstruate…
i felt like i was the only one not bleeding ((in a very good way))…

looking back, i realized how naive i was…..haha.

little chai’s
((to be added soon))


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