contract: a change of mind…again?

i, chai navarro(aka junipercoole in the networld), vowed to not move on with my plan of confession.
here are the points:

  • i realized that the thing that might have pushed me to wanting to confess was my newly found obsession in mangas. in the japanese culture, the girls are the ones who confess to the guy they love. i realized that i love to be pinoy and that i want to stay modest even if it meant being a spinster with a dozen of guinea pigs ((instead of cats—they kinda stink [exception: elise’s cats])).
  • i realized that i should go back to my senses: i have a new mannerism…to slap my cheeks every time i feel like.
  • i do realized that i might change again so this contract has a limit. i still love my tendency to be inconstant in my decisions. i love me. therefore, i am a narcissist.

yes, i did YM him and now that it was done without a reply from him ((currently: thunder—timing kaayo!)), I lost my strength.
ni how ma!!! ((not sure how to spell that))


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