explaining her schedule every night

you may seem to notice a pattern that i’ve been undergoing for the past weeks of this summer vacation.
here’s my schedule:
07:30 AM I wake up and steal some internet hours before the opening hours of my dad’s office ((the internet connection affects the clarity of phone conversations))
08:00 AM that’s the scheduled time for me to stop websurfing but sometimes i do overtime. if the phone rings, that’s the only time i turn off the connection. and that explains my sudden appearance and disappearance in my YM.
12:00 PM that’s the time I websurf again because it’s the time when people call less. and by that time, i’ve already taken a bath…there are sometimes when i bathe at this time only.
03:00 PM after hours of turning in and out of connection ((many people would be calling the office by then)), i give up and drown myself in the sala.
06:00 PM i turn on the internet again for a non-stop websurfing activity. it’s the closing time for the office naman kasi.
07:00 PM i let my brother use the internet because if i won’t let him use it, we couldn’t watch THE SINGING BEE, LOBO and MY GIRL —–and also PBB.
10:00 PM by this time, my brother would stop using the internet and i do the take-over!!
I usually sleep at 11 but sometimes I extend to 12MN. 🙂


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