thank you alma!

now i have my Cold Wax Strip that i humbly ask alma to buy for me.
[news flash: jb, ((real name: captain pato, i call him duckie right now)), says that he and alma smokes. sorry, i think that’s a bad sign of disposition. though, there is a possibility people smoke for fun.]

Now, the cold wax strip is actually a hair-removal method that i’m willing to endure pain for….my underarms!!
Since the first time, i’ve always removed hair through shaving.
And since i’m a geek ((my sister has made me realized that unfortunate fact)), i researched and came up with these points about shaving ((highschool pa ni)):

  1. there should be a 3-week duration between shaving sessions. the downer for this is that when you shave your hair, it grows back the day after.
  2. shaving is causes ingrown hair…which is really ugly, thick and when you’re sweating—-it’s ickiliciously sticky. kinda reminds me of pubic hair.
  3. you can’t shave the same area thrice! it caused irritation! my research definitely did not specify what are the outcomes when the skin is irritated…but for my own good, i did what was told. and probably for my own observation, skin irritation is characterized by bumps, red spots and itchy areas. ((you shouldn’t also scratch the skin—it will get more agitated))

no pain, no gain—as they all say.
my sister and mother, though claimed that there is no pain involve in their method, opted for plucking.
there were questions in my mind that i can’t dare to open up:
(1) what plucking equipment should be used?
(2) is their a difference between the various shapes of plucker tips?

and being the geek that i’ve always been ((spent half of my life not knowing that)), i also researched (magazines, googled and interviewed) and came up with these important facts.

  1. plucking injures the skin; causes it to darken and things that you won’t like to see.
  2. plucking does hurt…especially for first timers ((in highschool, i never wanted to deal pain unless it was on my fist—i’ll punch everyone that comes my way just don’t hurt me with those plucking things!))
  3. it does take skill to do the plucking.
  4. it’s embarrassing to pluck because you need bright environment to perform this delicate operation…which could mean open spaces—where people are. in shaving, i can just do it with one swift direction and i’m done.

but the other painful option is waxing. I do admit when i was younger, i vowed not to pluck nor wax. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the armpit!!!!
but now that i’m older and wiser….i wished that i had a mind of a child because it’s better to not know these kind of things.
researched, interviewed facts:

  1. it does not cause ingrown hairs. but alas! there’s a problem with this fact. i had two sources who contradicted each other. One says that it causes ingrown hairs…The other says it’s the perfect way to remove ingrown hairs and replace them with thinner ones. i gotta research again.
  2. it does hurt. i saw a TV show where men had their chest being torn by this fellow and damn! some cried.
  3. one source says that ((i already repeated this)) if you do waxing, the hair grows thinner and slower….some claim 4 weeks.

as you can see, i think waxing is an option I would want to think over.

Alma, thank you for the strips!!!
First is my underarm……
Next is my torso——-and now! i can finally wear a bikini top!!
Final would be my bikini line.

And if i’ll be rich, I will consult a dermatologist for a laser treatment that permanently removes hair!
Haha! My hair is standing on its end…they’re scared of the future!! wahahahaha.


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