virna’s birthday bash: when HS friends come together for one special girl

another day without kristel—-this is too bad. but let’s try to enjoy this shall we?

what’s a party without drinks?? oOoh—-what does that taste like? ((innocent chai))

brother gets angry and calls us narcissist.

everyone has to look good in the camera, ton!

the belle group: featuring…fitz and godfrey ((since i am not the official photographer for this pose…i failed to photograph sarah and godfrey ((they are under that curtain thingy))

there’s a story for this picture:
mimi ((as the emcee)): i would like to call on the belles and the other HS classmates of the debutant..chai ((i don’t know why she mentioned me first)), nica, sheela…blah blah blah ((sound disappears from my ears))
no one stands up
mimi: if you don’t come here, you’ll never get the lechon!

of course, i had to stand up! and i was the only one to stand up—-so embarrassing. hehe.
so i convinced the others to go to the spotlight.
one thing i didn’t expect to do: singing our graduation song “Thank You” for virna.
chai-chai: dili deserving ang lechon para ani! this is too embarrassing to look back.

so i took my camera and pictured them, instead.
after the meal, i realized that i don’t like lechon and i never got one piece of it.

if you look at the pictures, it would seem that we were the only people there…but no! we were so outcasts!!! there were a lot of people from cdo…and i used my womanly intuition….and i didn’t like their vibe at all.

look at some of the “other” people.

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