to all the very ((TOO!)) innocent ones, the girl was puffing up a condom.
in college, i’ve seen 3 condom balloons so it wasn’t such a shock for me.

actually, i was planning on buying a big box of condoms and puff them up for my roommates birthday…
but aside from lacking the budget ((i don’t know how much it is, i haven’t done my canvassing yet))—i have not tried puffing a balloon (at its many forms).
jonica was shock when she heard me say that.
and i don’t know why.

sheela has smoked in college ((but not for habit, for social reasons))
and she wasn’t shocked.

kristel got drunk and she wasn’t shocked ((well..i wasn’t too. hehe. peace, kristel! i wanna try too! let’s drink together woohoo!))

jonica learned mahjong ((my dad and mom took it hard when i said i played too you know.))

and i’m just PLANNING to puff up condom balloons and she was shocked.
two points:
(a) nothing bad will happen to me except if i ran out of air…
(b) it’s not like i’m gonna finish the whole box of condom…we could use the remaining for…..other occasions. sheesh, you’re overreacting, nica.

but i think sheela was kinda shocked too.
i’m not sure if kristel heard me say that ((she’s gonna read this, anyway)).

and third point:
(c) i’ve seen the chocolate flavored condom balloon—-and it does smell like chocolate! what a discovery.
but i still wondered what the flavor could be for.
hay…the mind of the innocent and naive….

One thought on “balloons!!!

  1. WAAAAT! U’r planning to puff a condom balloon???!!! (at least kabalo na ka nga na-shock ko!!!) hehehe…harharhar…

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