just a glimpse was fine enough

so..this was the awaited weekend (the day before i go back to dumaguete. please take note that i’ll be back in ozamiz by tuesday).
i’m happy that i’ve seen him even if it’s just for a few minutes.
i thought that they were already watching the film so we didn’t know that we were going to meet them in McDo.
and yes, he did get a little chubby but that’s not what they call fat.
aw…we were going to watch the movie with them but there were a few issues:
(a) nica doesn’t have the money and she doesn’t feel like watching anyways
(b) mark was going to be alone if we don’t go with him ((he’s kinda emotionally unstable but we do get libre from him—hehe))
(c) we were stuck in kristel’s house for a whole hour because her mom wouldn’t let her out so we chatted non-stop till it was too late for the 2:15 movie.
(d) if i were to watch the movie by 4:20PM, my dad would totally get angry with me—–aside from not being allowed to be there—-i’m going to be late.

so all we did was have fun in FunTime.
we sang about 15 songs there…two sessions. when the first session ended, i actually lost my voice ((testigo: mark and nica)) but i still tried to sing in the second session and i discovered that my voice did come back ((but not entirely)).
we were going to wait for them to finish the movie but it seems that it would take a while and my dad’s starting to text me…so….i’m home.
i’m going to miss him, of course, and there’s still a teeny bit of chance i’ll see him again….next week.
but i guess it’s not going to happen.
i can’t expect him to just ask me again to meet him.
the glimpse was good enough for me.
it will keep my spirits up for 5months. AJA!! Tira-tira!!

at least he looks healthy—-chubby!!
i’m happy.


One thought on “just a glimpse was fine enough

  1. from me (as in ako):::finally! kita na ko anang tawu nga imung giingun nga chubby. he was eating ganina sa gaisano to get a little bit chubbier…*grin.from nica (as in cya!):::nakit.an napud nako siya chai while naa mi sa gaisano ni kristel ganina… chubby jud siya…from me again (ako gud.):::waaa! blonde!!! and chubby! and chubby! and chubby!hehe. labsyu, from both of us

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