wish i was there ((ozamiz, my heart aches for you))

excerpt from http://www.xanga.com/overboredrz

gossip girl here. your one and only source to the scandalous lives of overbored individuals.

today, K
paid N a visit because she’s…well, overbored. scandalous enough?
actually, K planned to kill 3 people. Thank God it’s Sunday. And thank
God N’s stuck in her house with annoying sister( si nica ang gaingon).
And just as expected, she has not taken a bath yet!!! and so (after N
took a bath) K & N went to gaisano and found a chubby, blond,
chinito guy whose name is Laurence (not his real name… got it, chai?)
who just ate something we could not see. after the trip, this blog is

xoxo …si kringkring ra bitaw ni.

I can’t believe they used that alias “__________”…who’s he? Joke.

Anyways, I am kinda —a bit sad that i extended my time here in Dumaguete.

Aside from the reason that it was because of the SG meeting…need to make an activity plan….


I almost felt like crying…seriously.

huhuhuhhuhu…this is so a roll of bad events jud!!! hay…..

i sometimes find myself punching my chest and whisper “Tira-Tira” ((louder when there are no people within 10meters of personal space))…..and then I thought, “Oh! This is the first night where I missed My Girl ((Kim Chiu version))”

AJA! I need to be strong.

Kanina, i almost felt like crying that i looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Problems make strong people. AJA!! ((Lovers in Paris))”

I felt like now I know—–how homeless people must feel…huihuhu….sad.


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