officially not a homeless person anymore

byebye dorm, hello hotel!
here is the description of my new room:
(a) 12100 per month ((3 will share the payment))
(b) The staff will take care of cleaning the room and CR
(c) they will supply us with toiletries
(d) free beddings
(e) TV with cable
(f) general refrigerator
(g) a few meters distance from our school
(h) close to the bookstore, food stores, laundromat and etc.

well…actually, naa na unta koy place sa dorm but i realized that i want to stay outside than in that dorm where the fixed board has increased to 14000. When I calculated it, a meal costs about 93Php…that’s equivalent to eating outside….and the downside to this is that, i don’t really like dorm food that much.
so, sulit!!
my roommates are none other than sheemah barbarono ((batchmate and coursemate)) and the beautiful sophomore fate!
wah! my roommates are whiter than me and much prettier…will post pics soon. 🙂


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