few minutes to spare

chapter 1: SG crisis

if i have to say this again, i don’t care if you would like to listen to me or not—-i am so regretting that i entered in this kind of business. i mean, i know politics is a big No-No for me…my PolSci grade was 3.2 ((that was a sure sign that this was not meant for me)).

but in the first day: i actually notice that i’m kinda cut out for some of the jobs…like walking around and lifting this big plastic bag of event posters to be distributed at the many corners of the campus…my foot got scarred….well, in politics, sacrifices must be made.

i also liked talking to dorm residents when we had a dorm-to-dorm campaign….latest time i got home was 10:30 ((i swear the guard in this hotel hates me now)).

i don’t like the people i’m working with….but you see, i’m hating them without any reason….i actually admire how our president talks while bulging her eyes from time to time ((does she ever wonder why i stare?))

tomorrow’s the induction of officers….i think i’m going to pass. i’ll attend the assembly meeting though. there’s this guy ((kinda gay)) who opened up to me about his thoughts on the sg:

point 1: why was there a change of the constitution without the voting among the student body?

point 2: there was an increase to 100Php in the SG fee ((paid by each student enrolled)). what will you make use of this?

i say i have thoughts on the second point. i noticed that the sg was not eco-friendly—-which meant, they used too much paper for posters, brochures….and their snack at the first executive meeting was McDo!!! do i sense corruption? we’ll see….

what are my jobs in the SG?

job 1.

this was my original—ONLY—job but thanks to the fact that i couldn’t refuse other jobs, i add a few more. this job is a representative of the CBA.

job 2.

head of the dorm life committee…dorm managers, dorm mates, dorm food problems, might as well….contact me.

job 2.

miss silliman ticketing head…a fancy name for someone in charge of distributing the event tickets.

job 3.

documentation committee of the central marketing committee…..i don’t know what i’ll do ….maybe photograph them while working….or so i thought.

misc job 4.

this is not an SG work but this is an additional. for the CBA council, i’m the head of the documentation committee…i think they think i have a camera…..i think they should check my bag from time to time.

misc job 5

again, not an SG job but a CBA extra job, i’m the layout artist of the upcoming Golden Hub, CBA publication.


chapter 2

the dreams

there are two dreams…i’ll tell this one first: john ray committed suicide!!! in my dreams….which is why i texted him early in the morning not to die and to tell him that life is beauty-full. and of course, he wasn’t planning to end his life in any way….but he does have something terrible in his life: a terror teacher in his major subject. will this be a reason for him to kill himself? uh….no.

second dream was about him…i’m not sure about the dream anymore but i think this is why i dreamt of him. well…as you know, i already confessed to him that i liked him. of course, he had no reaction….i also told him that cresana, angeley, bernie and sendo ((?)) give their regards to PBB player from Ateneo, Robi.

i thought he would never reply until one day, he texted something…i wasn’t ready to reply so i decided to wait until i will be. so this dream came out and i considered it as a sign.

though, i ‘m not expecting anything to happen at all.

chapter 3

dormitory life

hotel life

i like it here!!! there’s cheap food—-there’s aircon and cable TV.

and then, the dorm starts to announce that there is a space available for  me….i mean spaces available for us!!! it turns out that there is a vacant room and some rooms are actually missing one-two roomies.

so, tita called for me….my ex-dormmates called for me ((how flattering…they want me back??))

well, tita!

imoa na ng bed, closet, aircon and bad food dorm because i’m not coming back!! gihasulhasul ra ko nimo og move…nakagasto pa mi og 200 sa motor sa pagtransfer sa akong things and you want me back?! huh. i like it here so bahala na ka dinha!!!



chapter 4

my roommates’ dillemas

(a) sheemah

not getting over her ex-boyfriend…oh just like me,…how happy.

but she has a worse problem…her boyfriend cheated on her. huff huff…with a second year-highschool gal. argh!! i’m gonna kill that guy even if he is a black belter!!!!


(b) fate

she is a pretty girl. and this girl’s prettiness leads to attraction of a dozen guys….and the annoyance of 50 girls!!!

uhm…exaggeration about the girls though….or is it?

the last dillema she encountered was when she passed by the STAIRS society ((mga tambay na himantayon at any stairs in the campus)) and this one girl suddenly blurted out, “Ha? Kanang ga-black? di ka kapangayo sa iyang number? ka-torpe pud nimo oi….”

fate could only hide her face in embarassment because many people were looking at her.

the fate of the beautiful…i’m so glad i don’t have those problems.


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