discovering surrender

i am now learning the arts of giving up as i am now researching the proper format and a recommended sample of a resignation letter. watch out kung unsa ang mahitabo.


“It’s a good thing to keep your hopes high, but you also have to know when it’s time to admit the reality of the situation. It’s time for you to get real about your chances of success and start putting your energy and thoughts toward something that’s more possible — something you have more control over. Renewal is in the air right now, so if you can just hold on and stay motivated, you will enjoy a change of tides that will sweep in a much happier era in your life.”

who’s who?

the person that i’m greatly looking up to nowadays is rona. she’s my batchmate here in SU and we’re classmates in a few subjects.

in the first year—second semester where we were still a part of the NSTP program. ((LTS ko; RO siya)) And she was an “escort” to an officer. I never really saw the importance of being an escort…but I saw the danger in it.

the officer was known as sojor ((that’s his family name)). and he became rona’s boyfriend in a short time.

maybe she didn’t know his history…or maybe the only thing she can never control is love.

rumors maybe rumors but sometimes, we just can’t dismiss it. rumors say that sojor already impregnated 2 women…1st semester second year, i heard that he and rona were living in a co-ed boarding house…and uncontrollably, i thought of the worst of possibilities. i was here classmate during that time…seatmate specifically. i was sandwiched between her and alexa.

during the ending weeks of the semester, alexa whispered to me.

“chai? murag nidako lagi si rona.”

i never noticed it but now that she opened about that…she had a point.

2nd semester and she was unheard of in the silliman campus…well—-not exactly unheard.

the first week of school, people were talking….sojor’s 2 victims and counting…

when asked about his gf’s absence, he just said: “she’s in manila, learning to be a stewardess.”

duh! i can make a better lie than that you dumbo.

i guess in some way, everyone was expecting this to happen.

and i thought that was the last time that i’ll see her…and i was wrong.

i was flabbergasted when i saw her during the enrollment week…

i thought we couldn’t talk about the “issue” but she seemed pretty happy about the baby and pretty angry about sojor. when i see her, she gets so bubbly and shows me her baby’s pictures ((chubby cutie!)) and shares the fact that she’s proud of her baby when she knew how to do the classical “beautiful eyes”.

where’s sojor now?

he now has a new girlfriend, 1st year engineering, who probably dismissed the rumors and could be the 4th victim to this guy. you know what’s sad about this story? the guy’s ugly, bald, and payatot…i don’t know why he had this kind of record.


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