discovering one’s mystery on: hamburger

you know, the first burger I ever ate was in Jollibee…and do you know why? because it didn’t have any vegetables in it and it makes me happy.
when i ventured out in the world and found out there was a new world of hamburgers with veggies tucked inside..i discovered the burger toothpick.
what’s a burger toothpick?
it’s that wooden thing, usually with an olive and a decorative water cellophane, pushed in the middle of a burger bun.
as a young child, i’ve thought of trees being cut down to just produce a box of toothpicks.
and this burger is not even entitled to be using this piece of sacrifice a tree has brought upon itself…it does not serve as a toothpick when it is inside a burger.
so, before i eat a burger—–i looked at that toothpick tucked inside…picked it out and pray for the tree to not die in vain.
after that, the usual problem occurs, when i eat in one side of the burger, the patty is pushed out in the opposite direction…the sauce drips in my fingers….the veggies are the only thing i taste ((yuck)).
then i discovered the use of the burger toothpick—–it is to hold down the burger’s insides ((organs)).
now, i enjoy eating these things…
i even eat vegetables!!!

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