when quitting doesn’t seem like losing…

currently, i’m researching on the many forms of a resignation letter.
and now, i just discovered by looking at some samples that i need to inform them personally before taking the pen and write the letter of resignation.
i mean, what’s the problem with that?!
i think we, people in these new times, are moving in circles sometimes….almost always.
we can ask permission to people by stating it to them personally—-but they ask us to write them letters for formality. haven’t the people realized the abrupt change in weather??! as in, global warming….these papers we write in could have been the trees recycling our CO2’s before they contribute to the dispersion of the ozone layer.

and about the SG, what’s the deal with the COMING SOON-posters?? i mean, the Miss Silliman Pageant, the Religious Life Committee and the Pimp Your BOOTH for the Hibalag Festivities….i know that their event is very contributive to the social lives of the students but what’s the deal with their event posters with just COMING SOON in their content??
i better save this for my future resolution as a representative of the College of Business Administration.

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