another day perfectly executed

 this is a very bad day—-unfortunately, the issues are confidential!! and until the Weekly Sillimanian sniffs out this issue out of the blue ((only 5 out of 7000 students know about this issue and i’m one of them)) will be the only time i’m going to say about it! hmf.
anyways, my horoscope for this day says:


Be more expressive about your emotions than you typically are, today. Be vulnerable.


a natural when it comes to communication and today brings the chance to
put those skills to work. The people in your life are all waiting for
information — or permission — before they can get to work. 

and you know, who’s that friend? it’s dio!!

if you were not aware, i just came from his two-hour discussion about portal issues, SU issues, SUSG issues and so much more….we even reached to the discussion of his future..((stop working at 40; doing consultation afterwards)).


“naay 7 manok sa 1 box

sa box, naay 23 pairs and pato ug 1 iring

ang 1 pato kay naka-kaon 56 n ulod..

unya, naay 5 langgam

relax! yaw kabalaka..Wai question…(:

now, back to the show!

i really need help on convincing the school to make use of another printing press for our yearbook….and now i’m asking help from him and  janine ((ADMU pips)) far, only 50% replied, specifically si janine lang.

hmpf…i even YMed him…this sucks. i’m never going to speak to him again!!! ((unless it involves a life and death decision))

P.S. naa koy blog entry but i saved it on my laptop so next time na lang! 😉

Story #1: TEARING OUT MY 500Php

This is the story—–entitled “The Legacy of Greed”© ((joke)).

i was pushing my 500Php bills ((my gain from last year’s yearbook committee)) into XOXO ((my resident piggy bank)). as if i was not contented with the amount i counted, i recount just and hoped I underestimated my counting…so i pulled the 500Php bills from its bottom ((no—not the butt—just the bottom hole)) and accidentally teared one.

lesson: don’t be selfish to recount; the first count is usually correct; expect less to gain more; be happy with what you have

Story #2: Obsessive about Dictionaries…

I actually looked around National Bookstore for 1 hour and walked around town for two hours looking for a dictionary with the following qualifications:

(a) small ((the real pocketsize—believe me, most “pocket sized” books do not serve its purpose))

(b) hardbound

(c) nice ang font

(d) preferably, Chambers

so far—i haven’t found the right one….please give me one for my birthday—-

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