hatest letter in the alphabet

there’s a letter that i seem to have trouble in pronouncing it…
but it’s not at all times that i have a problems in saying it….
when i say the alphabet from a to z

i especially have trouble with it when i’m talking about a certain someone….
i do not use the word “him”, he anymore ((not because he transcended to another gender of inbetween reality.
it’s the letter X!
or ex

just a few moments ago before the outburst of my emotion caused me to turn on my defective laptop ((no offense)), sheemah and I were having a mild ((level 0.25)) argument whether which school did the Parokya ni Edgar attend.
I’m really positively sure that they were educated in Ateneo de Manila…and i told her that i was sure because of him….er…my ex.
gosh! i should really learn to use that word.
it’s so awkward to say that anyways.

my own literary work in a few words:

a quote about hope.
“will there ever be a time when there’s no single candle
lighted in this world?”


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