taking it low.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)[?]


The Bottom Line

Are you afraid to go deep in a new relationship? Take time to think this through.

In Detail

Are you afraid to go too deep, in a new relationship? This personseems like a wonderful addition to your life, but there is somethingabout them that either confuses you or concerns you. Take some time,today, to think more about this — is it a legitimate fear, or are youprojecting some of your own stuff onto them? The conclusion mightsurprise you. Sometimes, new people enter our lives to make us questionourselves, not just to enjoy ourselves.


This was sudden for me.

You see, for the past few days i’ve been practicing for the cotillion of my KabSi, angeley. and i was assigned to one partner to another which bothered me a lot. so i was stuck with this guy three days ago.

he was chavacano and it’s awkward for me to dance with this stranger.

to be continued later because of time constraint.


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