Kapos sa Pera

Kapos sa Pera …that’s a new phrase to tag to the always used “KSP” acronym.
How poor am I?

Picture this! I was brushing my teeth and when I spit out, I saw these bits of sausages slowly pulled by gravity towards that gaping hole where no one knows ((except God and the plumber)) leads to.And I thought to myself, “What a waste! Those pieces of sausages could have filled me up more during breakfast if only it didn’t get stuck on my teeth.”
And I realize how desperate I was.

Good thing, I have XOXO with me—my bountiful black beast ((my piggy bank))…filled with ninoy aquino’s face ((tomorrow’s a holiday in honor of him))….

The Founder’s Week is nearing….a week with no class….the soccer field is going to be filled with booths. Parties would last til midnight….woah! Sometimes, life turns for the better.
But I would still need my money!!
I’ll buy a bag this week!!! 😉

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