the real truth

i am in total confusion right now on what i want to do with him.
yep, the topic about him never gets old.
And i bet when i run through all my blog entries—most would have his name or his involvement marked across it.
so here’s another blog entry to add.

okay–so i wasn’t imagining things ((considering all things he said to me were of pure honesty, anyways))…he still does like me…in a way.
and in what way? that i don’t know.
and that’s what i would like to know.
anyways, our conversations never go anywhere.
we are either limited to his hm…, ei, bee, si, di, etc. or he would ask me whether i want him.
WANT is a word i do not want to use on a person ((preferably food, material things and pets)).
it sounds too selfish for me.
call me meticulous but with a record of his stamped in my life, i will not take chances anymore.

what if i want him?
or even love him?

if it would lead to utter destruction, i’d better get to the safe zone.

but what’s annoying me right now are the voices of the people at my back—i pity them for not being able to each other clearly….they seem to shout everytime they talk.


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