the jumps in life

finally in my college years ((junior student here)), i finally have the chance to jump into something extreme.
but before cutting into details—i think it’s better for you to know where i stand.

my activities/orgs for this year:
(a) Portal 2009
My love. My passion.
Writing articles, editing them—-checking out the layout and othervisual elements of the yearbook. Apart from that, I’ll receivehonorarium!!! But that, i would receive next year pa. But it’s a largesum for a kid like me!! yum!

(b) Marketing Committee
We bring the money!
Cheering, Hibalag Booth Festival, Miss Silliman ((it came before the Miss Universe Pageant))
Not one snack of a committee member
a shirt of a committee member
food for the judges….
didn’t blossom because of our hardships in asking for money from establishments….
who either
welcomed us with open arms
rejected and embarassed us into the most extreme
or who just ignored our open palms for money.
We were not appreciated by the Event committee heads because they’re so stupid that they wouldn’t know what we did for them.
GRR>….if you won’t let us get inside the event, bantay lang jd mo!!
pangkawaton na namo inyong mga t-shirts and tina-e run!!!!
I love my job. It’s the superiors that I hate.

3) SG Assembly
I wanted to quit but because of my interest in fulfilling changes intoour Silliman System…..I will withstand the insults and the mockerythe SG people are throwing at me.
At least people love me, and they hate them.

i’m afraid of what i’m about to do, no doubt about that….but what is courage without fear? —-ignorance, i guess.

i can do this. just this once.

something that i could talk about……for the rest of my life.

not my proudest moment….but it will be memorable.


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