Jesus without a beard

have a question:

does Jesus have a beard? Just a few moments ago while rereading the bible, I
realized that there was this one line who spoke of brothers, not sisters—of
fathers, not mothers. And I wondered if they edited that out. Or were the
apostles protecting the secret of Jesus as a disguised woman? That explains the
emphasis of the beard in all illustrations of Jesus. After all, if you don’t
see a beard—-it seems like people don’t see the person as Jesus.

don’t mistake me as someone who is trying to stir up another bible theory. I am
just wondering what you think about it.

I feminist? I believe so. I sometimes point out what are the things that symbolized
the inequality of representation between men and women. As my teacher in Litt
says, these are the things that made feminists stir: (a) positions for example
like, chairman instead of chairperson, of some stories who say the sun is man,
the moon is woman ((although the moon is denoted as beautiful but
unfortunately, it also means that it is dependent on the sun)).


get back to the first question. Why does Jesus have a beard? Maybe shaving just
isn’t their generation’s “thing”.


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