Levels of Anger

Level 1.
This level is so mild that I can dismiss this feeling. It’s more of annoyance rather than anger, anyways. Like this time where I’m kinda annoyed at my roommate who is pitiful at the same time since she’s been suffering with cough since Founder’s Week ((take note: two weeks ago)).
She…kinda coughs at everything—and sometimes forgets to cover her mouth.
I am very proud that I never caught the disease that my roommates were having but don’t tell me that she wants me infected too?!!!! hehe, i know what she’s doing is not intentional..but it’s annoying that i can’t bring myself to tell her to cover her mouth while she’s coughing. She’s 18 years old! And I’m not a mother.
Kanina lang, we were choosing food in a cafeteria style eatery. And she was coughing while walking around peeping at the food choices….it made me lose my appetite.
But—-this anger is not that serious. More of an annoyance, as i said.

Level 2.
The anger is getting there.
I’m getting frustrated by the work that I’m doing. My gayfriend is so making this worst. He may know a lot of things—-and I may already know them or may need them….but I do hope he changes the way he tells them to me. He sounds so bossy and know-it-all. Argh. Last night, he came into our room. Yes, though he’s gay, he is certainly a he so he’s not allowed to get inside. But he did.
And he was behind me for the whole time while I’m making an organizational chart he can do himself. ((not part of my job description))
It was so annoying that he was behind me because I like to work without anyone looking at me.
So, just this morning—-we, me and my roommates, posted a sign that says “No Boys Allowed” on our door.
Don’t even knock, dio.

Level 3
Mass communication students and faculty, this might be unfortunate but I have to say this: your reputation is tainted in my eyes. You are all lousy workers with sharp tongue. Hope you graduate soon—-so that I would never see all of you again. hmf.
They are so all over the campus. and they’re utterly useless.
Gr….I’m not even prepared to write a speech about this. hmf.

Level 4
When I’m told to grow my boobs and whiten my skin??? ARGH. These don’t grow like fruits up on the trees…and definitely not to the size of watermelons! These are more like raisins and raisins stay with this size and is contented with it.
I may not be white—-but why do people associate white with beauty? argh. i’m currently using whitening products for him but since he brought up that topic—-my mood on whitening change.
I won’t let myself carry gigantic baggage up in front of me.
I won’t definitely be like an albino.

calm down.

i can’t help it….ARGH.
~Not talking to him until my boobs grow. When will that happen? That is the question, Shakespeare.

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