my imperfections

i have eyebags ((since college, they never shrank.))

i have large nostils ((guess that’s my fault; good thing i have small fingers)).

i have large cheeks ((so that’s where my body fats go to; they never reach my stomach))

i have no clear eyebrows ((my eyebrow hairs are so thin; and barely there plus, kalat kaayo iyang shape that no bayot will ever dare to pluck these for fear of eternal damnation)).

i have barely a stomach but i have this big portion above it —no it’s not my boob(s)))

speaking about boobs, they’re barely there ((but i am aware of it’s advantages: see blog entry about that—somewhere, probably type the keywords “boobies”)).

i have a hairy body; i’m probably part male. i better check my genes.

speaking of part male thingy—-
my friend “Kang” just told me of a horror story based on true facts.
There was this girl who really had boobs and they had sexual intercourse problems with her husband.
And she does not menstruate too.
So, she went to the doctor.
She was told by the doctor that she couldn’t get pregnant so they should adopt a child.
Unknown to the girl, the doctors discovered that she had the XY gene thingy—so she’s actually a male with boobs. she had testicles but it did not develop…there was a hormonal imbalance that it remained inside her. since the male hormones were suppressed, her physical body inhibited those of a female.
OH NO. what about me? huhuhuhu….
Kang is a psych student and the source of her story was one of her books in Biopsychology. We are all females daw…but something…something so there are males. haha. My brain skipped that part.


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