Of Chocolates and Rain

I may have a chance to have good grades this semester. In Psych 11, the most boring class I have ventured on ((scratch that, I think ECON deserves that spot)), I, along with 7 people, received a chocolate from Ma’am Grapa.
I forgot the name but before I threw away the wrapper, I noticed that it was from Argentina.
Mm….milk chocolate with wafers.
I got a cuatro! hehe.
In CompFund, I received the midterm grade of 3.7 ((I expected a higher grade, but I have to be realistic)).
I may walked on the stage of Luce Auditorium next semester—-if I want to. I could always just abuse the time and use it for my break. ((all students are off during Honors’ Day—but the honors will be the only ones in the Luce Auditorium—why is everyone excused?! They’re not going to watch it anyway…))
Maybe, I’ll just skip the honor’s day and live my afternoon happily.

It finally rained. BBBErrrrrMonth, I can finally feel you now.
And I finally used the umbrella he gave me! hehe.
It was bIG! But at least me and my roommate fit under it—-we never got wet.
it’s pretty heavy though..and my hands are too small to carry it.
But i love it just the same.
Hahai….yeah, I kinda miss him.
October is coming and I remember him saying that he usually feels sick during that month.
I try not to greet him during mornings and nights so that I won’t disturb him…but hm…I can’t help it.

We have set a regular time for our texting sessions: Second wednesday of every month!!!
Wish Kring2 was GLOBE.

—-Something’s up.
My boobs feel bigger. Maybe, my menstruation is coming closer.

It’s kinda hard to write anything here when you know someone’s reading it.


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