can’t help but think

after all, thinking is a 24-7 activity.

hay…i can’t help it but expressed my jealousy or the much more milder term would be “nasuya” to those people who make time for others.
for example,
kang—the person I’m with in this very internet cafe—chats every week with her boyfriend Abbe. He’s currently in Cyprus—i think that’s the spelling. That’s a place near Greece.
and even before his internship there, they always find time talking for at least two hours on the phone every night.
Usually they quarrel—-but at least they talk.

fate—her boyfriend is from ozamiz; but now he’s a full time businessman in Dipolog. Very busy indeed—-but he never fails to call her every night ((or every now and then)).

but at least when he texts, it feels very good because it’s not very usual that he does that…and it would appear to be very sweet.
but it gets tiring that i text him and he doesn’t reply—-but i got used to that. i text him without expecting a reply..and wala lang. i get the urge to text him again but i would conclude to myself that i might be annoying him because of the nonsense i talk about.
but i can’t help remembering this guy that told me that even if you’re in a good school—busy with homework and stuff, you’ll always find time for the one you love.
and i cant’ help thinking he never said that he loved me too.
i guess i’m just a needy and possessive person and that i should just avoid texting him so that he won’t get annoyed …..
samuka nako oi.
but am i really his girlfriend?

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