it was a very tiring day but i’m ready to tell all about what happened.
but let me tell you first what where my conditions, expectations and fears.

finally after days of complaining that my chest looked bigger, my menstruation finally happened.
can’t tell you that i leapt for joy because i didn’t.
this was the day i didn’t want to have my period.
this was a day of possible mayhem.

i’ve forgone expectations when it comes to portal.
expect nothing.
stress for nothing.
the anticipation is not worth the wait.

roland, is there.
yep, the gay guy who forced me out of the miss silliman ticketing chair—
the guy who made me cry for 30 minutes because of his sharp words—-
the guy i have murdered so many times in my heart.
but i know that his interference with the chair thingy—was a blessing of some sort.
but i still don’t want to hear his voice; and comments that insult others.

first activity—boring
second activity—removing a tire on a pole ((about 1.5 meters)) without touching it. There are 5 ropes attached to it….around it are circles, the tire and the pole was in the small circle, the small circle was inside the bigger circle.
the 5 ropes, each with a corresponding group——the groups were not allowed inside the circles—but one guy was going to be in there ((but he must not be in the small circle)) with a stick he can use to navigate the ropes ((but he was not allowed to touch the tire with this stick)).
by pulling the ropes, we were able to slowly lift the tire.
the most daring thing i did was to climb up on the back of Bora, the korean girl.
aw…i was so afraid of heights….and so having my period.
i probably stink.
third activity—i was in my dysmennorhea stage so i didn’t join.
but i heard that i shouldn’t have missed roland flunking the trust test.
fourth activity—i was magically healed after a deep sleep.
so i joined what we called “the tarzan activity”.
haha, i flew up in the sky,,,,,,

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