whatever happened to accountancy insults my intelligence?

“okay class, i will make the test easier for you.
the chapter exam would be similar to the exercises that we’ve had in wednesday and today
but the values would be different.”

“yay, ma’am”

“but i have to put in a little twist so that it would prove to be a challenge for you to answer”

*violent reactions*
“ma’am, imo pa jud ming palisud-lisudan?!”
“wa na bya mi IQ, ma’am”

“but…but, i don’t want to insult your intelligence”

“ma’am, insult us!”

—end of conversation—

Yes, i belong to this accounting 22 class (Managerial Accounting). It seems funny that I never participated in such conversation involving my academics.

accountancy insults my intelligence—
yeah right.

((copyright: actually the lines “accountancy insults my intelligence—yeah right” is printed across the shirt of accountancy majors in our batch. it has this pinocchio character with the long nose in front. hehe.))


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